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. news continues. good morning to you this tuesday november 20th, i am maureen nailer, pam cook is off today. >> if you are in the north bay you already need an umbrella now. rain is developing in the north and it will take awhile to get south but you can see the rain in marin county, hillsboro, highest today, cool for some, warm to mild for others, here is sal. good morning, a lot of slowed traffic and it looks like a problem coming up. highway 4 westbound, there is a report of a new crash came in
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at 555 it looks like it hook very good, let's go pack to the desk. a strike in the port of oakland which is threatening to disrupt operations and workers are striking and picketing outside international airport where holiday travel is starting to get into full swing. let's go to christian captain. what is happening there in the port of oakland, i can see a lot of activity. >> yes, there is a lot of activity which picked up in the last hour and you can see union workers are picketing and they are marching in front of the gate and if you look to the right you can see the trucks and the truckers said they cannot make deliveries into the port and it has effectively brought work to a halt.
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the port has been negotiating in poor faith according to the union and workers here say shutting down the port is the only way to get their attention. >> we asked for specific information as i was saying earlier and that they feel months ago they had not gotten to since yesterday to my knowledge. >> we learned that this protest, this picket line is set to run through at least tonight, 9:30 tonight and we have continuing coverage here from the airport as well where there is also another protest underway and we will continue to monitor what is going on at the port and for now we are live at the port christian captain, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a suspicious house fire in vallejo and it was the same
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house where a police officer was killed. nobody was home when that fire started. neighbors were calling for help at about 8:30 after seeing smoke coming from the garage. firefighters were able to see them put that out. now the same house made headlines back in april of 2000 which is when veteran police officer was -- a police officer weather was shot and killed while serving a warrant. the man is now serving a life prison sentence. are tracking two water- main breaks. it has created a 5-foot sinkhole which happened at cut you are and west street. they are looking into the cause of that break and there was another water-main break in red
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wood city. it happened at brewster and warren street and they are looking into the cause of that break. store owners are concerned after a string of burglaries. here is more on who they have been tar fitting. many of these are gearing up for the holiday season. they are eager to stop the thieves and according to them, it is gilroy and they are reporting at least four antique stores have been hit by burglars. in many of the cases jewelry silver and clocks are reportedly stolen. they are investigating the incidents and have been putting it to check on that strip.
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many are growing i am paint and i am working to sweat some answers from police and we are waiting for a wall ecall back to see if any of these are connected. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. and it caused an explosion moments after air raids sirens sounded across the city. it was on the field on the outskirts of the city and it is the second time rockets had been aimed at that city which is 50 miles from gaza. it is the most distance city they have targeted. hillary rodham clinton is on her way to jerusalem to meet with the prime minister. they were attending meetings with asian leaders and he decided to send her in addition
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to help med wait. she is also scheduled to meet with egyptian leaders as well. indicating a cease-fire may be in the works... this crash on highway 4, dave and maureen, it is blocking one lane and we have a picture here and it looks like it was here just one moment ago and they just moved it and now i turn add way and it was gone which is good news westbound coming up through bay point, you can see traffic is very lowe slow and it looks like a couple of chp cars are trying to get through this messment if you are driving on the freeway you feed to if i yourself extra
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timement it is packed up to the 880 every crossing. still food with the south bay commute, let's if to steve. the. make in marin county and they had some rain already, martin in and yet south of that, it is mostly cloudy and winds are picking up the front it has a ways to go but it is a compact front. upper 50s already, in oakland, san francisco, and some of that light rain looks like it is developing over to the south -- southment if you tonight have that rain at all it will be
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mostly cloudty. the system does boy into tomorrow morning and it toes not begin until 4:00. rain and snow around 7,000 feet and it will dry by and sap fran some milted temperatures, there will be some cooler readings to the north. gilroy and because of that southeast wind it will ramp up here and rain develops and it is out of here. fog will be forming some of that valley fog can be very, very thick. thank you very much steve. continuing coverage of our top story. we first showed you they are also at the oakland
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international airport and one of the busiest outside the airport with what they are together there. we seen hundreds of people are together and that's what they are banging on. tosses are standing here with their picket signs and their message is being seen by them. many have been here since last night and they are not blocking passengers from getting in line or getting on their flights, now this tune beyond end hhelps and other disputes but again they can be heard here on their bullhorns loud and clear.
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live from oakland, ktvu channel 2 morning news. he. all right, four men have been arrested in southern california, specific targets the fbi says those men wanted to hit. and what he said after leading the team to victory over the chicago bears. hey, look! a shooting star!
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. welcome back, four men are targeting and they plan to join al qaeda and the taliban. they searched in the u.s. air force and the fbi says they planned to leave this month to carry out plots in afghanistan. also now we are hearing the biographer who has had an affair with general david petraeus has hired somebody to represent her. you are looking at paula broadwell at her home in north carolina which now surrounded constantly by the news media and reporters. she hired a park group to represent her. it throat an fbi investigation which exposed paula broadwell's a fair with general david
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petraeus. they are holding off a ground move in the middle east. here is more on what exactly hillary rodham clinton secretary of state hopes to accomplish. >> reporter: israel has agreed to hold off on the ground move and hillary rodham clinton is adding her voice to the negotiations and is headed to jerusalem egypt to help deescalate the violence. israeli targeted areas to rule out hamas leaders and gaza militants continued rocket strikes on israeli cities. israel has agreed to a cease- fire and gaza ministry of health said more than 900 have
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been injured over the past week. they have been taking lead on negotiations and was on the phone last night with president morrissey who believes a cease- fire and aggression towards gaza will end today. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. pg&e is offering a $10,000 award leading to an arrest in connection with one of its contract employees with walnut creek. she was leaving the business park when she was grabbed. two men grabbed her and used her atm card before releasing her into the hills. one man who went by the name aubrey and the other suspect
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went by the name david. they are not if i having up in the case of mckayla outside the market where she was kidnapped. they are waiting for the dna results found in a well during the investigation of the so called speed freak killers. >> we need a heart to be touched. if somebody out there knows something, they need to want to come and tell us. >> in a letter to rita williams, leslie sir man time told them to look and they could start lurking if the bone tones out to be garret's. and he had his first nfl start made the most of it on monday night football as the
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chicago bears were beaten. it s 16-23 and man, 243 yards, 2 touchdowns and the 49ers jumped out to a big lead scoring on each of their first four possessions. final was 32-7. >> it just felt great to be out there on -- out there with the team and we came out on top so it was good >> speak of defense, austin smith had a career high 5.5 sacks, that is the most in monday night history. last night's game had a lot of mean being for a family in their area. coming up, you will hear from
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the father of the quarterback and the special phone call he receives late sunday night. >> that is what dreams are made of. >> and it was a great game. >> sal, i know you are looking at some major delays on call train -- cal train? >> yes, wee they will calling that person a pedestrian and cal train has hit that person and there are major delays on the system. now we are getting word it can be stopped completely and they are using a bus bridge to fit around palo alto and again major tee lays because a train hit a pettianment we have more information and we will have more for you until some of that
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mist. we have had slowed traffic on highway 4 and it is backed up into pittsburgh because of an earlier accident and we had a stalled vehicle out there. highway 4 is not doing well and in fact it is not lighter and in fact it is heavier than it normally is. and in san francisco, mike polanski is reporting but it has been in the north bay and santa rose, they are fitting food gusts and mainly points north, by tonight that rain moves over us and by late tonight tomorrow morning, and out to lake county mendocino county, this has been a pour house system also into oregon and there have been strong wind gusts and also heavy duty rain
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and this system is packing a big punch. watch over marin county and it looks like it is ending in the city over the bay bridge, there has been some light rain. we have a system out ahead of that and it will continue to march out ahead and it will be out of here and after that things look better except for morning fog. cloudy windy rain developing windy for some, there has been pockets of it. 60s on the temperatures to near 70 degrees with that strong wind and it is out of here, it will be cold in the morning and there will be fog foreman eking as we get to the weekend . during october, they started at
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the fastest rate and growing started housing jumped by 17%. but it was mixed as hurricane sandy slowed the building rate in the east and south. a bay area pastor resign after a sex offender was allowed to participate in a festival. but we now know how he got on the grounds and who will now replace the pastor? what is going on in the ongoing controversy over public nudity in san francisco.
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. >> ee welcome back, a san jose pastor has resigned after a sex offender was allowed to participate in a festival. he is stepping down and patrick brown will take his place. they got into a heated argument after he reportedly said a convicted sex offender mark garys should be forgiven. he was not arrested because he had a letter from the diocese allowing him to volunteer. and they had a very special
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meaning. their son had his first game against the chicago bears. he was adopted when he was just a baby and he moved there when he was just four years old. he went to the university of reno and was drafted by the 49ers last year. he said he is so proud of his son's accomplishment and got the big call sunday night. >> as a parent, i am anxious and nervous, but i am confident that colin can do a good job. >> and he sure did deliver, the 9ers dominated the bears 32-7 win. and san francisco supervisors will vote on whether to ban public nudity nationwide. the men appeared make it kid in the city's -- naked will pass a
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fine. if it passes street parades will be exempt from that nudity ban. some area roads are busy and we have a cal train problem which reportedly hit a pedestrian in palo alto and the trains are not progressing past palo alto so there is a bus bridge to about mountain view and you have to jump on a bus to connect and we will let you know more about this but there are major delays on cal train. 680 is getting busier after you if to the south bay. some light rain to the north now pushing into oakland, nothing too heavy but up to the
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north bay, petaluma, our system is way up there but it's on its way and it will be up thereby this evening and otherwise it will be cloudy and windy and mild to the south and it will be on the cool side with rain to the north. time now damage caused by two water-main breaks in the bay area, we will tell you which neighbors are affected right now. >> we will tell you why union workers have brought activity to the port of oakland to a grinding halt. also the opening bell, they will have the early stock numbers. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. good morning and welcome back, the time is 6:30, we want to take you live to what is happening on wall street. the american israel friendship league is on the left and they
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are part of israel day and they will be helping to ring the bell at this hour. we had some positive news that construction reaching a four- year high when construction happens, we'll see what happens today after a strong day on wall street yesterday. it is a brand-new day november 20th, tuesday, i am dave clark. happening now, striking union members are blocking the gates at the port of oakland. christian captain joins us live and they have more on what caused them to walk off the jobs in the first place, good morning, christian. >> some of them have moved to other entrances but you can see
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they are blocking access to a halt. >> i can't get in here and i can't make a living. >> reporter: they are representing service workers and custodial staff and they are been negotiating in poor faith withholding crucial information. >> we asked about information we feel they had months ago they had not gotten to us as of yesterday, at 5:00 to my knowledge. >> they say they are facing a $1.3 billion debt and they are now asking workers to help pay across the board and they are just not sustainable anymore. >> picketers are marching here at the port of oakland and they will continue to march until
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9:30 tonight and we will have team coverage and continue to update you here at the port and throughout the morning. christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> as he mentioned, this is one of the busiest travel times at the airport and you can see a few of them, they walked off 8:30 last night and we are told travel right now is not affected. this represents janitors electricians maintenance people who just want to get their message out. stay with us for continuing coverage of this strike. we will have more on throughout mornings on two and stay tuned for how the strike could affect your plans. two neighborhoods are a
6:34 am
soggy mess, one is in redwood city showing us a few foot sinkhole. >> reporter: there are quite a few people in this neighborhood waking up without running water and the information i just got the homes affected are on york and cutter. that is 11 homes by my count but crews are out here repairing this broken pipe and it is a 6-inch line which burst overnight and that's what created this sinkhole here in the middle of the street. it was rushing down for a food hour and a half and a make it said it was about a foot or so
6:35 am
deep. crews came and shut the water but it obviously tossed the pavement to rumble. >> now i got up to go to the bathroom and now there is no water. >> they say it will be a few hours. >> we have some water anyway. >> crews will be out here another couple of hours until the work is complete. they have to take out this segment of the broken line and replace it with a new pipe and at that point they can take out this line. i asked him why a pipe like this bursts? he said wear and tear. >> all right alex.
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several basements were flooded and the cause of that water main break is still under investigation. egypt's president is predicting what he calls israel aggression against gaza will end today. they are playing a lead role in the cease-fire agreement. hillary rodham clinton is on her way to the middle east to end the fighting between israel and hamas in gaza. hillary rodham clinton accompanied president barack obama at summit meetings with asian leaders. she met with palestinians officials and he egyptian officials in cairo. >> the bottom line still remains that hamas has to stop this rocket fire so ultimately they are the ones who will have to be part of a solution that
6:37 am
ends what israeli citizens. >> many have been killed in the week long fighting. and helping to catch a second suspect, it has now don't to 20,000 dollars. these men are responsible for armed robberies. he said it will match the money already being offered and police say they killed a 22- year-old man. a man arrested in oakland airport was arrested because of a suspicious looking watch will not face charges. he was stopped at a security checkpoint and he later posted bail and was released. tsa employees thought his watch looked like a timing device for
6:38 am
an explosive. take a look, this is what the watch looked like and his lawyer said his client made that watch and described it is a work of art. well, a spirit april liar dash airlines flight was disrupted to do, what he is charged with and what he is being asked to do. and aboard of supervisors committee voted against using money to provide free passes for thousands of low income youth but the committee said the $6.7 million should instead go towards muni maintenance an improvements. a final decision on how the money should be spent will be decided next month. trains will be longer than usual on wednesday and sunday
6:39 am
to help airport travelers pack home on friday they are run for all of those friday black shoppers. >> that's right. a train hit a pedestrian and they are doing an investigation near the palo alto station and cal train is not running fully, they are running from palo alto to san francisco but there is a break-in service and there is a bus bridge, cal train has tweeted they are trying to get their customers around that problem as quickly as possible but if you take this, there will be major delays. i want to move to the east bay but highway 4 is slow because of an earlier problem and it is busier than it normally would
6:40 am
be. 680 still looks good from walnut creek to oakland, let's go to some life pictures and there is a little bit of weather whether or. you can tell it is raining and traffic is moderate. -- we either have some rain but it is a very impressive system but it is way up there. what? yes, way up there. heavy duty, 7.5 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. that's right, dave, this system is packing a punch. already beginning, parts of the bay, mainly in the north bay and that will continue until the front begins to get here but i think there will be impressive totals out of the
6:41 am
north bay. and it is really mild pause of that strong breeze. piedmont maybe out of ocean beach, mike polanski said the -- polanski said the rain has started and mostly cloudy and windy for most of the peninsular and that rain will pick up tonight and it will be pretty intense. it's going to be more of a wind event for the sierra tonight and actually a lake wind advisory or snow advisory and the snow will start high and drop. i saw a south wind so it is mild. rain developing for some, mainly north abut it is in part
6:42 am
of the bay. near 70s towards morgan hill and gilroy. thanksgiving looks good and it will be really thick in the valley. more people are driving while on drugs and what the local police department is really looking out for. live in gilroy where chiefs are targeting certain types of stores. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. [ male announcer ] steak combos.
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. cloudy windy day and if not it will be heavy rain tonight. steve, welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are looking at, this morning, live pictures in the rain there is a strike happening right now at the port of oakland. they are walking picket lines over stalled negotiations with
6:46 am
the port. they are also walking picket lines at the oakland international airport. some are worried and they are accused of withholding negotiations and we will have more on this through ought the morning. this caused a 5-foot sinkhole and there was another water- main break which flooded several basements. and a suspicious house fire broke out on tennessee street last night at about 8:30. back in 2000, a police officer was shot and killed at that very same house while serving a search warrant. store owners in gill ray
6:47 am
were concerned after a string of burglary antigen mean, what -- and jeanine what have they told you about the crimes? >> reporter: well, here on monterey street, in the last couple of months police say four stores have been burglarized including gilroy antiques clocks and collectibles and in each instance, clocks, jewelry and silver were taken. they are trying to alert merchants and there are cameras in that monterey area but they have not captured any of the thefts. >> obviously there is a group of people, if not one or more people who are targeting specifically the antique shops and no of the other businesses so there is definitely a
6:48 am
pattern. >> store owners have caught them and they are trying to attract more people to shop here. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man is facing charges, police say he threaten add flight crew on the plane and would not turn off his cell phone. it happened on a spirit air flight heading to fort lauderdale florida. 30-year-old samuel was asked repeatedly turn off your cell phone but he would not do it and thenned crew members. >> i was there for two hours, you have to watch what you say now days. -- now a days. he has been charged with making
6:49 am
a terrorist lit it. time is running out for that are them to complete, coming up on 711, we tell you how many are at risk of not getting their diplomas on time. many for driving under the influence had not had anything to drink instead they are having an inability to safely navigate on the roads. several tested positive for prescription and illegal drugs and they have been told to be more disscripttive if they suspect problems with drivers. it should be making it easier for prosecutors to track the problem. they are following up on the cal train problem. >> that's right, dave, maureen, it was hit by cal train in palo alto and the trains have been
6:50 am
stopped and northbound trains are not. this crash looks like we are having a little trouble here but the traffic here is on cal train and not moving and i want to mention there are buses that pulled up that will be taking some passengers around the problem and here they are. they will be going to the northbound train or will be very shortly and let's go out and take a look at the westbound bridge. getting into the city is tough in fact it is coming out all the way to the mcarthur maze. we have slowed traffic here on 101, let's go to steve. it is live and well and thanks to everybody and chris in san bruno, cassie jean all
6:51 am
the way up to ocean beach even some rain in scotch valley and we have a look at the front here, it has been a front and we are getting in advance of that, some dusty conditions. ukiah, spreading to lake county. along the san mateo coast, it is over to oakland right now. and you can see the radar beam, national weather service in monterey, joe valley picked up a couple of downpours and our system is on the way and it will take awhile to get here, late tonight into tomorrow morning and if you don't have the clouds and the wind you will have it developing and this system should be out of here and done.
6:52 am
winds are already developing and moat of this rain will be to the north. so it is kind of a cloudy windy day and it will be dry except there is really thick fog out to the north. time is 6:51, they are giving hostess a little more time to keep their company alive, hostess bakers will be meeting again today and this time a federal mediator will be in on the talks. they say there has to be some progress today and if not they will return to court to ask for permission to liquidate. we want to show you the big board, this is after a big
6:53 am
rally yesterday. keep an eye on apple stock this morning. right now it is file for $67 a share when you tall them it is insanely insane. what we are finding out about allegations involving george county supervisor and there are other games that will be played at the new stadium. ♪
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they are asking about the questionable spending of george giacoia. he issued credit cards at upscale restaurants and also for upgrades to first class. some of the charges we are told have been repaid but in many instances, george giacoia has not been able to provide receipts. he filed for bankruptcy last year but he may face tens of thousands of dollars in fines for not handing in the
6:57 am
appropriate forms. them san jose turned out -- san jose turned out all day for holiday food boxes. they are working to provide more to struggling families and they need 400 turkeys by tomorrow. bay area restaurants are also giving out turkeys to needy families. it is at the lounge at walnut creek and at 2:00, there will be more turkeys handed out and that will be a first come first serve basis. and in santa clara they will host more than the games. in fact the bowl will open when it moves in 2014. right now they play that game at at&t park in san francisco. they are already affiliated with the pack 12 and the navel academy. there has not been a game since the silicone valley classic ended in 2004. all right, we want to talk
6:58 am
with sal, you have been dealing with that issue with cal train. >> yes, because of a fatal crash between a train and pedestrian at the palo alto station there is a bus bridge set up in this area and also we are looking at the peninsular and the traffic is busy and we have some slowed traffic everywhere including highway 101 as you come to daily city. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, windy rain picking up, i was in the north bay and along the coast, emoryville said it is beginning to rain there and we will have more coming up on mornings on 2. the big labor despite we have been following since this morning. we have more on the impact on the oakland airport. and more with two bay area cities, stay right here with
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